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Bartending Course Options & Features
Basic Bartending Course
Our Professional Mixologists (Bartending) Program is where it all begins. This is where we take people with literally zero bartending experience or knowledge and turn them into full, fledged BARTENDERS! You'll learn Mixology, the art of mixing drinks, as well as the daily operations of bar and beverage areas in full-service restaurants, lounges, and other hospitality establishments.

This program is half lecture and half lab in format, so you'll spend lots of time actually mixing drinks behind a real bar. There is no replacement for hands-on training when learning a manual skill like the exciting and profitable world of bartending.

Core Course Topics Include:
Learn how to mix over 200 cocktails
Bartending Cordination, Skill and Basic Bar Tricks
Customer service skills and knowledge
Learn how to use, setup, breakdown and clean the bar and all equipment
Proper presentation, garnishes, making mixers and more!

Bar Flair Course
Want to be a Flairtender? Want to learn how to juggle multiple bottles of alcohol simultaneously, bounce lemons off your elbows and catch scoops of ice behind your back while entertaining your guests and being the life of the party? Looking to improve you tips and entertain your guests like never before? It doesn't matter if you're a rookie or veteran bartender, this course is for you! Our Master Flair Instructor will get you spinning, flipping and flairing your way into bigger tips, gauranteed!

Core Features Topics Include:
Learn over 100 bar showmanship & working flair moves, including bottle flipping & magic tricks
Improve your tips - make up to $200-400 per night!
We will prepare you to compete on a Local & even National Level

Extensive Beer & Wind Knowledge Course
To be a successful bartender it's crucial to have a broad knowledge of both Beer and Wiine - and there's a lot to know! Although our Basic Bartending Course does cover the basics of Beer and Wine, we decided to put together the definitive course on the topic.

Core Course Features Include:
Tours & Tastings at well known, local wineries and breweries
Course covers the full history of both beer and wine, how they're made, and what from, pairing with food, flavor profiles, as well as the most popular beers and wines not just locally, but world wide!
Possiblity for internship with local wine bars and micro-breweries
Special Industry Expert Guest Speakers

Advanced Bartender Course for Bar Management
This course is taught from the perspective of the Bar Owner or Manager? Are you looking to open your own Bar or Restaurant, or just want the skills needed to succeed in the exciting & lucrative world of Bar Management?

Core Course Topics Include:
Topics include inventory management, loss prevention techniques and the basics of employee management
Wine tour and tasting at local well-known winery
Design your own bar with drink menus and your own drink specials
Guest speakers highlight the challenges and opportunities unique to our industry
Private party bar kit included with the tools needed to start a private party service of your own

Alcohol awareness Course
In the State of Indiana this course is required, and will teach you the basics of Responsible Alcohol Service and the Laws surrounding it.

Core Course Topics Include:
Alcohol Awareness
State laws regarding Sales and Serving of Alcoholic Beverages
Tips for handling intoxicated guests, and how to prevent them from becoming intoxicated
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