Bar Management Course

Bar Management Course

The Bar Management Class at Midwest Bartenders School is designed to give the student the necessary skills to successfully manage an alcoholic beverage operation.  The Bar Management courseware is based on the National Restaurant Association’s approved curriculum for “Bar and Beverage Management”.  It consists of four stand alone parts: alcoholic beverage overview, facility management, inventory management and money management and marketing.

The alcoholic beverage overview covers the chemistry of alcohol, the legal aspects of alcoholic beverage service and the responsible service of alcoholic beverages.  The facility management section covers the facility build out, the necessary beverage service equipment and staffing and training.  The inventory management covers the five steps in inventory control: taking inventory, purchasing, receiving, storing and issuing.  And part four is money management and marketing.  Money management covers forecasting costs, controlling product costs and production costs and controlling loss.  Marketing covers identifying the target market, developing a marketing plan, pricing, promotions and social media marketing.

The Bar Management Course requires sixteen hours of classroom training including quizzes and a written final.  There is also a four hour field trip to an actual Bar for a total of twenty hours.

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