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Raving Reviews

I hired Midwest to come to my bar and train all of my new bartenders. We had a great time and the knowledge we gained has made us a step above the rest.
Cliff was very knowledgeable and a great help to our business. He fixed our keg system and taught us simple tricks to make a drink go from bleh to AMAZING. He also showed us drinks to move our old inventory.
A wonderful investment, I plan to have Cliff back every year.

Alisha Shannon, 01/17/2019

I had no experience behind the bar or alcohol knowledge in general. I thought 2 weeks was not enough time to learn everything covered, but it was plenty. The instructors are very helpful and knowledgeable about the topics covered. Don't be afraid to ask questions, the instructors love helping the students. I would recommend this school to anyone.

Kaleb Johnson, 07/06/2018

This place is insane, but in a good way. I came in knowing close to nothing in regards to bar tending. Two weeks later, I know way more drinks than I thought my brain could remember and (humble brag, but it's to explain how amazing this place is) can make twelve drinks in five and a half minutes. All the staff is outgoing and more than willing to answer any question they may be able to answer. They're also super flexible in case for some reason a class is missed. I would recommend this school and their variety of classes to anyone interested. 12/10

Cole Johnson, 07/06/2018

I was very intimidated when I began the first few days bc I did not know much about alcohol or drinks or mixing of anything. However the course breaks down to the basics and builds up your knowledge from there. I was very impressed at the end of the course how many drinks I can remember and make. Dale the week night instructor was SUPER knowledgable and helpful. He even came in early to help call drinks for me to better my skills. The price of the course may be high initially however it is worth it in the end! I just 'graduated' tonight and they already have several jobs lined up for me!!!

Heather M.

Would highly recommend this school to anyone in the area looking for a career change. It's a very intense program, but well worth the time and expense. I could not have asked for a better instructor in Dale. I learned more in two weeks from Dale than I could ever imagine about this industry. His passion for the industry, expertise & teaching style really made the classes worthwhile. I debated not going through the courses and just finding a job to gain on-the-job training. However, I'm extremely glad I decided to take the courses first and feel I'm far better prepared than I would have been going straight into a job. Thank you Dale!

Valerie B.

I attended the night classes at Midwest ant they were GREAT! The night instructor Dale so knowledgeable and fun it didn't even seen like SCHOOL. The job opportunities are unbelievable,the owner Richard, is begging people to work, so the jobs are waiting and working will all but pay off the affordable tuition in no time. I highly recommend this school come meet thisWonderful staff and make new friends!!!!

Nakia M.

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