More Raving Reviews

More Raving Reviews

Opportunity and Experience



I am writing today first to thank you and your staff for the wonderful learning environment & instruction I received while attending Midwest Bartenders School, and also to update you on some experiences of mine since graduation.

I happened to hear your ad for the school on the radio while out running some errands, and thought to myself, "what could a call hurt," so I did just that; that call was one of the better decisions I've made, I came in "just to get some info," and because of the reasonable pricing & immense area that the course covered, I decided to sign up.

I decided to take the weekend course due to my work & college class schedule, which may I add that the flexibility of course offerings is a plus. I graduated on July 27th and by the following weekend was confidently working in a suite for the Brickyard 400; and to my amazement, walked out that weekend with over $600 in tips that more than covered my tuition at the school. At the Brickyard event, I was able to make a connection that just this past weekend, allowed me to travel to Tampa Florida to help in opening a new night club.

In closing, I would just like to take a second to stress to anyone interested in working in the hospitality field, to jump all over the chance to take this course; and again, thank you for the opportunity and the experience.

A very appreciative MBS grad,

Josh B.

New Opportunities


Dear Richard Devlin,

I would like to extend my greatest gratitude to you and your staff for the opportunity to attend attend Midwest Bartending School and all the opportunities it has brought my way since completing the class in March of 2003.

I was offered a chance through the school to go to the Kentucky Derby and work the Jockey Club Suites, which proved to be a very fun and memorable event. The experience that I was able to gain from this has given me many job opportunities since.

I worked the Indy 500 for a suite owner and had the best time not to mention the money itself was incredible for the month. Again, the experience that I gained from this I will be able to take with me everywhere I go from this point forward!

Kyle was a great instructor along with Margaret and your entire staff; they have all been SO VERY HELPFUL! Thank you to Chandra for all her hard work and dedication in getting people out there and working!

I look forward to my new opportunities since graduating from Midwest Bartending; I will definitely spread the word to anyone that considers a career in this area to GO FOR IT! They will not be disappointed!

Looking forward to working the Zoobilation event and seeing "old friends" again!

Thanks again Richard!

Best wishes,

Tracy H.

Great Job


To my friends at Midwest Bartending School, 

I just wanted to drop a note saying thanks for doing such a great job.  If it weren't for you guys, I would not have the bartending job I have today.  I got placed in this job entirely on your recommendation and the training I got at your school.  I have found that the training I received was actually in excess of the skills I need at my present job.  It makes me feel good knowing that I was taught some things other bartenders don't know, even though they have been bartenders for years. 

Once again, thanks for the great hands on training, and the placement into the Columbia Club.  I hope to see you guys soon. 

Drew B.

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