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Raving Reviews

Midwest Bartenders School in Indianapolis has been providing the highest quality bartender training and job placement assistance for nearly a quarter of a century. Below you'll find just a small fraction of the testimonials we have received from very satisfied graduates, employers of our graduates, and others. Our bartending school get called upon to bartend for huge events such as the Indy 500 & the Kentucky Derby - claims other schools simply can't make! See below for raving reviews of Indianapolis' premier bartending school!


Super Knowledgable

I was very intimidated when I began the first few days bc I did not know much about alcohol or drinks or mixing of anything. However the course breaks down to the basics and builds up your knowledge from there. I was very impressed at the end of the course how many drinks I can remember and make. Dale the week night instructor was SUPER knowledgable and helpful. He even came in early to help call drinks for me to better my skills. The price of the course may be high initially however it is worth it in the end! I just 'graduated' tonight and they already have several jobs lined up for me!!!

Heather M.


I'm Extremely Glad I Decided to Take the Courses

Would highly recommend this school to anyone in the area looking for a career change. It's a very intense program, but well worth the time and expense. I could not have asked for a better instructor in Dale. I learned more in two weeks from Dale than I could ever imagine about this industry. His passion for the industry, expertise & teaching style really made the classes worthwhile. I debated not going through the courses and just finding a job to gain on-the-job training. However, I'm extremely glad I decided to take the courses first and feel I'm far better prepared than I would have been going straight into a job. Thank you Dale!

Valerie B.


It Didn't Even Feel Like School

I attended the night classes at Midwest ant they were GREAT! The night instructor Dale so knowledgeable and fun it didn't even seen like SCHOOL. The job opportunities are unbelievable,the owner Richard, is begging people to work, so the jobs are waiting and working will all but pay off the affordable tuition in no time. I highly recommend this school come meet thisWonderful staff and make new friends!!!!

Nakia M.


I Felt Welcome

It was a fun school, funny teachers and staff. I felt welcomed and safe. one thing is for certain, it was a lot of information to remember for two weeks. In truth, it was worth it. I met interesting people and got to hear crazy stories. instructors Cliff and Dale were the best!

Whitney G.


Worked Around My Schedule

Richard and the whole team at MBS (including my instructor, Dale) were great! I didn't have a lot of free time for classes, but they managed to work around my schedule to get me through the program in a timely manner. I didn't know very much when I started, but I gained a ton of knowledge behind the bar and felt very confident of my bar tending skills by the time I graduated. The classes were fun, educational, and organized to get you the hands on experience that you'll need to be a successful bartender. I also like the fact that they actively seek work for you after graduation in order to build your bar tending resume. Give Richard a call if you're considering a career behind the bar!

Mike W.


Worth Every Second and Penny

WORTH EVERY PENNY!! Cliff and Dale were awesome instructors and also fun to work with. The whole MWB team are great people and work with you in any circumstance. Although others say bartenders school is a waste of time, its worth every second and penny. I learned so much more than mixing drinks but also brief history about liquors and their names. This school creates professional Top of the Line Bartenders. Would do it again !

Mi'Kayla M.


Splendid Establishment

Splendid establishment, instructors knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. The manager, Richard, is such a kind soul who is very passionate about what he does, and is willing and eager to help anyone and everyone. Can't love this place and it's inhabitants enough!

Dane D.


...Make Drinks Incredibly Fast and Efficiently

Midwest Bartenders school was an amazing experience. Not only did the instructor Dale make the class fun and interesting, but he was able to teach me how to make drinks incredibly fast and efficiently. I learned so much more than I expected about everything in the bar.

Jake H.


You Will Learn a Lot

I definitely enjoyed the class and would recommend it to anyone interested in bartending. The class was two weeks long but you will learn a lot in that time. I took night classes which was cool because there were only three other students in my class. We were all able to get behind the bar and had enough time to work hands on. The class is four hours long but if you need more time you can even come in early and work on the things you struggled. Overall, check out Midwest and see if bartending is for you.

Austin B.


Now I Feel Ready

Cliff is an amazing teacher, the school is great, I knew nothing about bartending and now I feel ready to go out and do the job!

Audrey S.


Incredibly Happy with my Time Here

Attending the Midwest bar tending school was an incredible experience. Cliff was a fantastic teacher and made sure we had the all the tools and knowledge to begin successful careers in bartending. I am incredibly happy with my time here and will be taking more classes in the future.

Andrea W.


Extremely Glad I Decided to take the Courses

Would highly recommend this school to anyone in the area looking for a career change. It's a very intense program, but well worth the time and expense. I could not have asked for a better instructor in Dale. I learned more in two weeks from Dale than I could ever imagine about this industry. His passion for the industry, expertise & teaching style really made the classes worthwhile. I debated not going through the courses and just finding a job to gain on-the-job training. However, I'm extremely glad I decided to take the courses first and feel I'm far better prepared than I would have been going straight into a job. Thank you Dale!

Valerie B.


Helped Me get to Where I Am

I just graduated from Midwest Bartending School. Let me say, I absolutely loved it! I learned so much in the 2 weeks that I took this class. Great teachers, I had great classmates, the teachers care about their students. I got pushed to my limits in this class, and it helped me get to where I am. I highly recommend this class to anyone who aspires to be a bartender!

Kati R.


Definitely Worth the Money

Dale was an amazing teacher, definitely worth the money and time. :)

Heather B.


Loved the Class

I absolutely loved the class. Glad I decided to attend the class. Best experience to get started with a bartender career.

Kree H.


Glad I Attended

Glad I attended Midwest Bartenders School! Cliff was an awesome instructor and made learning 100+ drinks simple and fun! Leaving with confidence in my ability to find a job in the workplace!

Patrick M.


Landed Me an Interview

Choosing to attend Midwest Bartenders School is one of the best decisions I could have made! Not only did I learn how to mix well over 200 drinks, but I also learned how to present myself as a professional, well-educated bartender! Furthermore, before even graduating, Midwest Bartender's landed me an interview for a bartending position with a five star hotel! You cannot lose choosing to attend this school!

Alison H.


Fantastic Place!

Fantastic place!! Cliff Rawley is an awesome teacher! Learned so much coming here, beyond worth it!

Sydney M.


Informative and Hands On

Going into the class I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was quickly convinced it was the sort of class I was looking for. The course is informative and hands on, the staff is friendly and personable, and they truly will waste no time finding you a place to start in the private event business. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to add new skills to their repertoire or even just have some fun and learn drinks to make at home.

Brentton R.


Great Teachers, Great Class

Taking Mixology 101 was such a great experience! Midwest Bartenders got me into a class the day I called and it was the best thing I could have done. Great teachers, great class!

Ashlyn L.



These guys are pretty awesome.

Chasity D.


Would Recommend this to Anyone

Great experience...never thought I would learn so much and be confident in just 2 weeks...and the instructor (Dale) is really great...they really take care of their people..I would recommend this to anyone that wants to be an excellent bartender.

Frankie J.


Knowledgeable Instructor

Knowledgeable instructor and friendly service. I had a great experience and recommend it to others.

Austin G.


Best Decision I've Made

Great expirence! Learned a lot and in-class time flies by! Enrolling was the best decision I've made in a long time.

Jeremy T.


Very Helpful

The instructors were great and were very helpful! I learned so much and worth the time!

Jaclyn K.


Money Well Spent!

Money well spent! I had Cliff and Dale-both fantastic teachers and the other students were all great to work with!

Bridget O.


Hands On Training

Money well worth it, they give you hands on training and help you get through the course. I enjoyed it here.

Anthony H.


It's Worth the Cost of Tuition

Teachers strive to prepare the students to succeed. A lot of material to learn in a short time, but if you're willing to make the effort it's worth the cost of tuition.

Gary R.


Great Opportunities With Midwest!

Worked the Indy 500 a week after graduation and LOVED IT!!! Made all of my tuition back plus more! Great opportunities with Midwest! Great staff. Very professional!

Cortni H.


Midwest Is The Way To Go!!!

I had the best time in the class and will recommend some of my friends to join. Dale was a great teacher and really hands on and gave a lot of information. It's worth the money if you enjoy being around lively people Midwest is the way to go!!!

Clarence M.


I Have A Better Understanding Of Making Drinks

Before this class I knew a little about making drinkings and thanks to it, I can now say I understand a whole lot better.

James W.


Great Experience

Great experience. worth the investment. great instructors who really push you to achieve your goals...thank you.

Tena M.


These Guys Are The Best!

These guys are the best! Totally worth the money. Cliff & Dale are the bees knees.

Morgan M.


I Had The Best Instructor EVER

I had the best instructor EVER - David. He made learning this trade fun and exciting.
Thanks for being so great

Karen L.


Definitely Worth It

I attended school here and took the course, would recommend to anyone looking to learn mixology. It is a little tough, but Dale my instructor made sure, technique and recipes were learned. Definitely worth it.

Alex V.


I Really Enjoyed This Course

I really enjoyed this course. The hands on experience is the best. I had so much fun and i learned a lot in the six weeks I was there. Dale Miller is an AWESOME instructor!

Bailee H.


Fun Class

Dale is a great instructor. Was working right away at the races. Fun class.

Colynn B.


I Would Recommend This 

It was definitely a good investment. I had a ton of fun and made a bunch of new friends. I would recommend this to anyone who has some interest in bartending.

Patrick F. 


I Learned More in Two Weeks About Bartending Than I Thought Possible

I just finished my two week course with Dale! I, myself, have been a in corporate training and know how challenging it can be to conduct an engaging course while still driving student to perform at the highest level of possibility. To say that Dale has mastered this skill would be an understatement. I learned more in two weeks about bartending than I thought possible! I now feel extremely comfortable and excited to begin bartending! Thanks Dale <and Midwest Bartenders School>! You all are truly a class act!

Stacy H.  


You Will Make Back the Money in No Time

What a great class!! you learn so much by the end of the 2 weeks. so worth it. Great teachers and atmosphere. You will make back the money in no time.

Clark F. 


I Could Find the Job of My Choice

I never thought I could learn so much so fast! Everything is hands on from day one. By the end of the course I became confident I could find the job of my choice.

Andrew S.


Fun Environment

Informative and fun environment

Sarah E. S.


Learned Lots

Very good class! Learned lots. Dale is a great instructor..

Crystal S.


Well Worth the Money and the Time!

Well worth the money and the time! I knew nothing before I started and now feel confident enough to work anywhere. Fun atmosphere but please believe the instructors mean business when it comes to learning the material. Dale was my instructor; he is a wealth of knowledge!! Highly recommend!!!!

Elizabeth W.


Go to Midwest Bartenders School, You Won't Be Disappointed.

Not knowing what to expect and how I would do, I was definitely happy to learn under David. He always was able to make you laugh and shared his experiences which helped to ease the unknown. By the time I finished the class, I really felt comfortable and now look forward to future events through Midwest Bartenders School. They do whatever they can do to help you succeed when you do your part. Met some great people so overall it was a win win situation. I recommend anyone interested in learning to bar-tend, go to Midwest Bartenders School and you won't be disappointed.

Brenda L.


An Excellent Foundation to Bartending Opportunities

Midwest Bartenders School has provided me with a great structure and an excellent foundation to bartending opportunities. Absolutely loved my instructor David. I would definitely recommend this class to everyone.

Ayanna M.


Fun Environment!! 

Excellent teaching methods in a fun environment!!

Austin F.


Awesome School!

Awesome School! Definitely worth every Penny! I came in in need of a job immediately and I let Dale Know that and he worked with me every bit he could. He helped me not only to pass the course but I completed it in HALF THE TIME! Couldn't of done it without such an awesome mentor!

For anyone looking for a career change, or a job in the bar tending field this is where you start! No questions asked, best place to begin!

Gene L.


This Is the Place to Start !!

Truly outstanding, from the instructors to the owners.The best bartending school in the united states bar none !!!! If you want to make xxxx money and build a career , this is the place to start !!

Joseph D.


The Class Was Fun and I Learned a Lot!

I had an incredible time taking the bartending class at Midwest Bartenders School. The teachers are all so helpful and make sure you learn everything you need to know to succeed in the industry. They all have years of experience in the bartending world and know what it takes to excel. The class was fun and I learned a lot!

Caitlin K.


Knowledgeable and Fun Instructors

Great school! Knowledgeable and fun instructors. Job assistance and placement a PLUS. Would HIGHLY recommend if interested in bar tending or the bar industry.

Aaron N.


Money Well Spent!!!

Very fun and informative 2 weeks! Money well spent!!!

Bronwyn F.


You Will Gain the Experience Along With the Knowledge!

At first I was worried if I was going to catch on and remember everything in the class, but the instructor gave direction well and the class is hands on so you will gain the experience along with the knowledge!

Ceaira W.


This Is Very Effective

The Midwest Bartenders School was a wonderful experience. The instructor, David was enthusiastic and very helpful, making sure that each of his students knew exactly what they needed to know. Upon graduation, The school already had an event lined up for me to work the following weekend. This is a very effective and quick way into the industry.


Chris M.


Highly Recommend the Class

The hands-on experience can not be beat. I went from knowing almost nothing about drinks to being able to being able to make a dozen drinks in about 6 minutes. Highly recommend the class.

Andrew K.


They Have Made A Bartender Out Of Me

Before I give my review I think it would be beneficial to know I had zero knowledge of anything pertaining to liquor and I felt like I needed a hands on bartending class for dummies!!! Lol but for some reason I always wanted to be a bartender and felt like I could do it. Needless to say I signed up for Midwest bartending school and they have made a bartender out of me!!!!!! Dale was my instructor and he was absolutely awesome!!! I have learned so much and had so much fun attending this class. I would absolutely recommend this class for someone who is just a beginner or someone who has experience with bartending!

Evita M.


Enhanced My Skills And Furthered My Knowledge

I have previous experience as a bartending working in weddings and special events that had a limited selection on what could made and served. This was a great course to enhance my skills and further my knowledge on all of the different types of drinks that can be made. This course was also helpful on helping with speed pouring and accuracy. The instructor was very knowledgeable on every aspect.

Jordan S.


Gave Me More Confidence In My Bartending Skills

Thanks for the great job of class instruction this summer at Midwest. After the 2nd day, I wasn't sure I was bartender material. But I am so glad I finished the course. The combination of instruction and then practical practice was great and I learned so much.

I also appreciate the opportunity to represent Midwest at these events. The BMW last week was a huge week but I was pleased that it gave me more confidence in my bartending skills.

Teddy P.


What a Great Experience!

What a great experience! This school has all the knowledge and utilities to make you a professional bartender. The Instructors are very understanding, encouraging, and knowledgeable. If you don't understand something they will do their best to work with you 1 on 1 and tackle the obstacles you are facing.

Trevar E. 


The Atmosphere Was Great

I truly enjoyed taking this class. The atmosphere was great and the instructor is very knowledgeable. I can't wait to get out and start working. I really recommend this to anyone thinking about becoming a bartender.

Laura T.


I Recommend This Course For Anyone

I signed up via a LivingSocial deal and was just planning on going to one night for fun. I ended up registering for the full course and left a graduate. Not only was it a lot of fun, but it was quite rewarding. After memorizing 100+ drinks, I feel prepared to successful get a job as a bartender. I recommend this course for anyone who is interested in learning how to make drinks or is looking for a career change / means to earn some extra money.

James M.


Totally Got My Moneys's Worth

Damn fine class. You get a chance to learn by doing at a nice pace, the instructors are helpful and they even help you get a job afterwards. Totally got my moneys's worth. If you're looking to get a good start on a bartending career, look no further. You'll get a chance to learn how to make tasty, good-looking, tip-earning drinks.

Jules M. L.


Would Recommend This Place

I went through this class and actually had alot of fun and learned things I never knew. The experience and atmosphere was really nice and the instructors helped me out alot. I would recommend this place for any interest in bartending or just want to try something new.

DaJuan L.


I Loved It!

This was a really nice event to have a mixology party! I loved it! Nice place and the teacher was awesome!

E.s. H.


I Learned So Much

I took this class for fun and I can say that I got a lot more out of it than fun! Great atmosphere and I learned so much more than I expected. I highly recommend anyone who is interested, whether for fun or a career to check this out. Well worth it!

Angela P.


The Whole Experience Was Fun

Loved the atmosphere and the whole experience was fun. I'll recommend this place to anyone who expresses interest in being a bartender.

Mark S.


I'm So Glad I Made the Call and Attended the Course.

I worked my first two events through Midwest Bartenders School over the past weekend at Symphony on the Prairie and a fundraiser in Hamilton County. The venues and customers were great and my training really paid off. I'm so glad I made the call and attended the course.

Mark R


No Regrets!

 I graduated 5 years ago and it was one of the best decisions that I made! I've been able to work at so many AMAZING events & I've met so many wonderful people in the process! I was nervous my first time out, but with the help of my instructor/friend Cliff and Val, it was a solid! No regrets!

Michele C.

Class Was Hands On Which Is Awesome!

I had a great experience in this class. The pace is good for two weeks, the lessons are fun and the majority of the class was hands on which is awesome!

Marcella E.


Very Worthwhile! 

I was very nervous to begin Bartending classes, but after visiting and seeing reviews I signed myself up and enjoined every second of it. The instructors are very helpful and enthusiastic, and the class atmosphere is just like a real Bar setting. Overall this experience was very worthwhile!!!

Asia A. T.


Highly Recomend the Midwest Bartending School

I went thru the bartending school and got my certificate. I am new to thr industry, but I appreciated the way Richard helped described all the courses they offer and got me signed up. Cliff was my instructor and he was excellent, very knowledgable of the industry and a fun teacher. The memory work was hard, but ncessary. I am very happy with the training I received and highly recomend the Midwest Bartending School. I will be continuing my training and education with them.

Chuck T.


Great Experience Very Hands On

This was a great experience very hands on I would recommend this class to anyone looking to start or further their bartending career

Kyann D.


Learned So Much

This was a really fun experience. I learned so much information, and I now feel confident about going out in the world and being a bartender.

Sherrod M.


Very Easy to Work With 

Very fast paced, but the instructor would do individual coaching when the student would struggle with a receipt. The staff is very easy to work with.

Max M.


Best Money I Ever Spent

The best money I ever spent!!!!

Devyne H.


Very Informative and a Pleasure 

The classes at Midwest Bartending have been very informative and a pleasure to have been a part of. Everyone at Midwest has been very nice and helpful. I would recommend this school to anyone interested in bartending.

Elizabeth J.


Great Instructors!

120 different cocktails learned! Great instructors! Job Placement! Recommended!

Parker S.


Lot of Fun

Nice atmosphere. Knowledgeable instructors. A log of hands on experiences. Had a lot of fun towards getting a certificate!

Chenlu S.


Don't Second Guess Yourself, Just Do It.

The class was very fun! I was very nervous at first because I am not a drinker at all. I thought that would be a major disadvantage but it wasn't. I had the highest score on my speed drink test and did very well on my written test also. They help you as much as you need along the way. The quicker you sign up, the quicker you can start making money! Don't second guess yourself, just do it. Come in, do a tour, and sign up. They even help with job placement afterwards!!!

Cheyenne C.


I Would Recommend This School

The classes at Midwest Bartending have been very informative and a pleasure to have been a part of. Everyone at Midwest has been very nice and helpful. I would recommend this school to anyone interested in bartending.

Elizabeth J.


The Best

The best money I ever spent!!!!

Devyne H.


A Really Awesome School

A really awesome school if you are really interested in coming here. i would really recommend it to anyone who would ask. Cliff and David are awesome instructors and you learn a lot from them and their experiences.

Maria E.


Absolutely Splendid Time

I just recently attended the Bartenders School of Midwest and I had an absolutely splendid time. The instructor was very patient with the students and was sure to assist wherever needed. We had the opportunity to learn extensive mixology skills and we also were able to challenge ourselves to become the best version of the bartender we wanted to become. I will surely be coming back in the future to refresh my skills and practices. The price may be intimidating, but it is well worth the money and time.

Cierra P.


Midwest Bartending School Was Great

Midwest Bartending School was great even though its only a 2 week class they make sure you know everything there is to know about bartending . I completed my class today and I came in knowing nothing about bartending and I feel very confident leaving.

Sylvia B.


Extremely Friendly and Full of Information

Excellent class! The staff was extremely friendly and full of information. I thought I knew my drinks, but wow! The class is only 2 weeks... of fun! Highly recommended. I plan to return for the extra classes they offer.

Joshua W.


Loved It!

I took the two week mixology course and loved it! The teachers are all very knowledgeable and made the class super fun!

Stephanie K.


Great Hands On Experience

Midwest Bartenders School is amazing! They have awesome instructors who are patient and are true professionals. You get great hands on experience and what it would be like working as a bartender. I highly recommend if you are interested in becoming a bartender to enroll here!

Kennedy G.


The Classes Were Great

The classes were great. I learned a lot and the courses were easy to follow. Our instructor David was VERY advanced in knowledge with a high skill set. I would recommended Midwest Bartender's School to anyone who wants to be a Bartender.

Rodney E.


Overall 5/5

I took the weekend class. Our instructor David was awesome. Seriously worth the money, and you do actually learn 200 different drinks. Also it was a great way to meet new people. Overall 5/5. If you're looking to change things up and have fun, this is the school for you.

Betsy F.


Would Definitely Recommend This

I had a magnificent time taking classes here at the Midwest Bartending School. I would definitely recommend this to friends and family because of all the opportunity this program offers before and after completion. I am excited to see how i can apply what I have learned from this class to the real working world. So don't be shy to come and visit us here, at the Midwest Bartending School!

Francisco N.


Fun Atmosphere

Fun atmosphere with great hands on experience. Would highly recommend!

Shell L.


Absolutely Loved This Experience

Absolutely loved this experience and my teacher. David is awesome and makes the class fun and interesting. The flair class is awesome!

Krystal S.


Awesome Instructors

Awesome instructors great place to go

Alora H.


Very Understanding and Flexible

Cliff is such an awesome teacher!! I came in knowing nothing about alcohol and now I know way more than I ever imagined coming in. They were very understanding and flexible as well. After learning everything I know now, I cant imagine trying to be a bartender without attending this course.

Brianna M.


So Happy I Took This Class

I was very satisfied with the learning experience I received. So happy I took this class. I would recommend this class to all who are interested in bartending. Thank You Cliff and Richard.

Joie B.


Midwest is a Great Opportunity

Midwest is a great opportunity to become a true bartender. They teach the little things that you don't just learn if you walk into a bar! Having no experience in bartending whatsoever, after taking the class, I am confident in being a proficient bartender.

Aliyah W.


Midwest Bartenders Is The Best!!! 

The class was very fun and fast paced. I made new friends and learned a new skill. The instructor was very knowledgeable and had good sense of humor. Midwest Bartenders is the best!!!

Kenneth C.


Teaching More Than Just the Basics

Today I passed my Final Exam for the Midwest Bartending School. I couldn't have did it without the teachings from , Cliff. He is one of the best teachers, that works with the school. Between the four hours of class each week, I was able to learn the ins and outs of being the best bartender I can be. One might think being a bartender is easy, but after my 2- week process I have found a new respect to all the bartenders out there. I thank Midwest Bartending School, and Cliff so much for teaching more than just the basics as a bartender. I will truely miss the laughter this class brought me everyday from 10am- 2pm.

Courtney W.


Money Well Spent

Money well spent. Cant believe how much i learned. did really well on tests. Teachers are very understanding and helpful. Would recommend to anyone.

Juan D.


Very Fun Atmosphere

Very fun atmosphere enjoyed the teachers and the classes very much would recommend class to anyone . educational

Jason H.


Packed With Information

The class is packed with information! The staff and students are always a fun group to be around!

K Olson


5 Stars All Day 

Excellent teachers and atmosphere! Would recommend to anyone that is trying to become a mixologist. 5 stars all day

Jared J.


Welcoming and Encouraging Atmosphere

I took this class to better my knowledge and feel more comfortable behind the bar, and it exceeded my expectations! Not only did I increase my drink recipe file but I also became friends with my peers that took the class with me. My instructor was beyond helpful and he did an amazing job teaching and creating a welcoming and encouraging atmosphere. I would recommend this class to anyone looking to become a great bartender.

Samuel T.


The Instructors Are Amazing

I really enjoyed my experience here at Midwest Bartending School. I have met some very awesome people here. It is very fast paced so be ready to get started quickly. The instructors are amazing and will make sure you learn as much as possible. Excited to start working on my own.

Patrice D.


Fun and Friendly

I had a grate time, the class was fun and friendly, i felt like i learned a lot.

John A.


Great Staff

The school is a great way to learn bartending and mixology in a very short amount of time. They help place you in events to get experience in, too! Great staff and willing to stay after class to help you if you need it.

Royce T.


Very Informative and Helpful

This school is very informative and helpful in many ways. There may be times you might be struggling but the instructors are patient and will help you however they can. I had to do a flexible schedule because of another job and they worked with me. Overall it was a fun, and great time. Also, I learned a thing or two. ;)

Ryan R.


Relaxed, Learned a Lot

Took the night class. Very cool. Relaxed, learned, a lot and definitely glad I took the chance. Definitely recommend if you're tired of doing the same thing and want an extra source of income.

Josh B.


Very Fun

Very fun class.

Alicia M.


Amazing Course

Amazing course. Cliff is very helpful and will teach you backstories on multiple drinks. Everyone is very helpful and will navigate you through everything you need to learn. Be sure to sign up for the flair classes as well.



I Gained a Lot of Knowledge

My experience with Midwest Bartenders School was a good one. While here I gained a lot of knowledge about bar tending in a very short amount of time. The instructors were knowledgeable and did a good job of imparting their knowledge. I feel that my time behind the bar practicing was the best way for me to both learn the drinks and understand what goes into each one.

Jarrod B.


Thanks Midwest Bartending School

Enjoyed all faucets of the program. I really feel confident behind a bar, now. The instructors really know how to teach to your speed, while still pushing you to complete the program in a timely manner.

Thanks Midwest Bartending School for opening the door to so many opportunities!

Brodie K.



Outstanding ! It was one of the most comprehensive and overall fun courses I have ever had. This is one of the things on my bucket list. And I might work my youngest daughters wedding for her.Ha Ha..The course sneaks up on you and before you know it. Knowledge Transference, ha ha.Your educated and pouring drinks like a pro.Like, you've always wondered about, seen or maybe, even wanted to order.I am newly retired. At 66 I did keep up with the kids. I did have to pick up my feet a time or two. But, It is very doable .The instructors,give you very clever memory aids, with reinforced hands on behind the bar.Before you know it.Your a mixologist.. It was such a fun and smooth transition from class work to the hands on experience. I was surprised,at how much I learned. In a very short time.The course and instructors are great,period.They are highly flexible with students, working schedules, single household families,students, or even retirees like myself..They are there for you..And it is just a heck of a lot of Fun on top of it. What a great experience! Oh, yeah before I forget it.Last but not least it is an experience you can make great money at while having a great time .

Mike A.


Very Helpful and Knowledgeable!

Everyone here is very helpful and knowledgeable! Would highly recommend this class for any one who is interested in making a career change or anyone who wants to make some extra money.

Jennifer K.


The Instructors Were Great!

The instructors were great! A lot of real world experience was shared during the training. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to start a new career or as a second job.

Mark R.


Excellent Teacher! Excellent Staff!!

excellent teacher! excellent staff!! very hands on and informational! I'm more of a "see and do" type and if you are, you will do well in this class. Looking forward to coming back for brush-up courses.

Henry M.


AWESOME Experience

This was an AWESOME experience! I came into this class just wanting to learn how to make my favorite drinks and make them for my friends. I graduated with that and WAY more! The instructors took their time to give great tips for good service and drink recipes, Plus a TON of history on nearly every drink. I highly recommend this!

A Love


An Excellent Bartender Training and Education

Midwest Bartenders School an excellent Bartender Training and Education for people looking to gain employment in the Alcoholic Beverage Service Industry. I am a retired Alcohol Enforcement Officer and currently an Alcoholic Beverage Consultant for various Alcoholic Beverage Establishments so my training was to keep myself and my clients as informed as possible on all aspects of the Industry. Midwest Bartenders School combines practical Bartender knowledge and skills from a professional and well informed training staff. I would highly recommend anyone wishing to learn the necessary service skills and Industry knowledge to sign up and attend the two week training course. The training is flexible enough for a working persons to attend offering night and weekend courses as well as the daily course.

Donald B.


I Had A Lot of Fun!

I came in here knowing absolutely nothing about bar tending, and after two weeks I've learned so much.  The teachers are really knowledgeable and helpful.  It's really fast paced so be prepared to work hard and study!  They're also really flexible with classes if you have work or a family.  I had a lot of fun!

Amanda S.


This Is Your Place!!

I came to this school without any background in mixology whatsoever. I am leaving this school with the foundation and confidence to build on behind any bar and in any environment. The staff were all friendly and provided great, knowledgeable instruction in a way that makes learning easy and fun! If you are looking for a career change or even just an added step for financial gain and fun... this is your place!!

Craig S.


Be Sure to Sign Up

Amazing course. Cliff is very helpful and will teach you backstories on multiple drinks. Everyone is very helpful and will navigate you through everything you need to learn. Be sure to sign up for the flair classes as well.



Surrounded By Supportive Classmates

This course was an overall great experience. It gives a broad overview of what goes into the bartending industry. There is a wide assortment of drinks to learn which can be overwhelming, but just like anything else in life it takes repetition and practice in order to perfect the skills. This is a great confidence-builder as well if anyone is considering the bartending industry. Cliff the instructor is very knowledgeable and experienced, and has a dry sense of humor which makes class more entertaining. I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by supportive classmates who were very helpful too. The only drawback was I thought the course was a bit overpriced, but it's a very valuable learning experience.

Gwen M.


Learned Lots!

Learned lots! Very intimate educational experience

Jack G.


You Enjoy Being Here

I had a great time at Midwest Bartending School. I really enjoyed my evening classes. The instructor that I had was David. He is really knowledgeable and makes the class extremely fun. If you do not understand something he will explain it.

The schools staff is very friendly and make you enjoy being here. To be honest I am extremely sad that it is over. I will continue to stop by and visit. They also help you with job placement. It is something I had been debating doing for a long time. I am EXTREMELY happy that I decided to attend this school. I would recommend ANYONE to come here for schooling.

Mackenzie C.


Amazing Education and Experience

Midwest Bartender School provides an amazing education and experience. Cliff is a great instructor and he knows how to make the classes fun. I felt prepared to go work in a bar after graduating.

Shannon P.


Great Place to Start

Fun classes with knowledgeable, experienced, and fun teachers. Lessons are divided up into sections (Martinis, Shooters, Tall Drinks, etc.) so that information is compartmentalized and patterns can be seen easier, making memorization much more manageable. The sheer amount of information can feel overwhelming, but students are not expected to pick up everything right away; instead, students get behind the bar and drill through different recipes until they become muscle memory (and did I mention that its really fun?). All together, for anyone who has an interest in bartending and mixology, this is a great place to start.



I Am So Happy I Chose This Program!

I loved this class and had the greatest experience! I am so happy I chose this program! Richard was extremely helpful with a payment plan so I could get started right away! Cliff is a detailed and helpful instructor! Jay is a creative and helpful flair instructor. All the staff have been very friendly and helpful. A great program all the way around!

M Martin


Great School 

Great school!  I am really glad the I took this class.

Lea S.


This School is Fantastic

This school is fantastic.  If you want to learn how to be a mixologist, this is the place to attend.  Our teacher, David Dean, was a fantastic teacher, he was very knowledgeable, humorous, and energetic.

Patrick M.


Hands On Setting

Great experience!  A great way to learn mixology in a hands on setting.  I would definitely recommend this class!

Christine V.


Met A Lot of Wonderful People

I definitely recommend Midwest Bartending School to anyone who is wanting to learn mixology at the fullest.  The hands on experience was awesome and very detail oriented.  I had so much fun and met a lot of wonderful people!!  The instructors were on it every step and catered to all my needs as a full time mother and having a full time job.  Thanks again Richard and Dave!!

Lindsey M.


They Make You Feel Very Welcome

Great school they make you feel very welcome..everyone is very friendly and willing to help out.  If you want to learn all the cool drinks and be two steps ahead of the next bartender this is the place to be.

Samantha C.


I Learned So Much

I had a very, VERY great experience here.  it was a very good learning experience and i learned so much.  I came in knowing nothing about bartending and at the end of the course, i learned so much!!

Ceirra C.


Wonderful and Upbeat

The absolute best!  I loved working with the instructors and students.  I actually got ot learn first hadn how to make and serve popular drinks...behind an actual bar!  The instructor David is absolutely wonderful and upbeat.  I would definitely recommend family and friends to give it a go.

Caressa T.


My Teacher Was Great 

Best two week of school Everyone is always here to help my teacher was great and i was worth the money.  Cant wait to start finding a job.

Brionne P.


Its Well Worth It

Ive always wanted to attend Bartenders School and i put it off for too long and I finally decided to do something for me.  My first day, Cliff and Richard were very welcoming and i learned a lot in the 2 weeks.  I would definitely recommend this course to family and friends its well worth it.  Cliff was a great instructor, he made the classes fun and easy.  Thank You MBS

Elysha S.


Great Course

Great course if you're looking to become a bartender!

Chuck L.


Very Helpful

Place was very helpful and cliff was awesome

Ben C.


All the Practice That You Need

Bartender School of Midwest is very fun, lots of hands on learning so that you can get all the practice that you need for the work that you want to do.  The class is very fun...its not just going over papers or reading out of books.  I love the fact that us as students get to get behind the bar and actually learn how to make the drinks.  I would recommend the school to anyone that is looking to get bartending training.  

Jasmine J.


Staff is Respectful

The whole entire staff is respectful, patient, and friendly! #AwsomePlace

Dachele L.


The Instructors Are Very Hands On

This was one of the best experiences I've had.  I learned the basics of bar tending and all brands of liquors.  The instructors are very hands on in teaching and kind.  They also help you to find work which is one of the best things about it.  If someone is interested in working and learning about the bartender field I highly recommend this school.

Antoinette M. 


Thank You Midwest

Midwest is a great school to learn and have fun doing it thank you Midwest.

Speedy S. 


Practice Whenever You'd Like

I had a blast working with Mrs. Charmaine and Mr. Jamison the first week.  They definitely made the class more comfortable and relaxing to get the feel of things without being nervous.  The last week we worked with David Dean and he knows how to keep the class interesting.  I also took flair classes with Jay and she knows her work.  She's great to work with as well as everyone here!!!  And the best part you can come in and practice whenever you'd like and I surely will keep coming back!!

Shakayla M.


Instructors Were Helpful

MWBS was awesome, the instructors were helpful, and the fast pace environment was fun.

Daniel R.


Well Organized

A great experience.  Instructors were knowledgeable and personable.  A lot of information but very well organized.  I would recommend to anyone interested in getting into the bar tending profession part or full time.  

Joe R.


Awesome Classmates

I absolutely enjoyed this class!  I have been wanting to take it for some time now, I am super excited about what is to come.  The staff is super cool and laid back and very knowledgeable about their craft!  I never knew it was so much to learn about making drinks, I definitely would suggest this class to anyone.  I had some pretty awesome classmates as well, we had each others back!

Tasha R.


Totally Recommend Attending

I am so pleased to have completed my coursework and I totally recommend attending the school!

Akif S.


Worth The Price 

I had a wonderful experience.  It was absolutely worth the price.  It was hands on learning in a fun, positive environment.  David was my instructor and he was extremely patient and funny.  I would recommend this school to anyone interested in the business.  

Ana C.


Flexibility and Professionalism

Worth the money!  I work a full time job and the flexibility and professionalism of the instructor was important.  They exceeded my expectations and feel prepared for any bar tending job that may come my way! 

Joshua T.


The Instructors Are Well Experienced

Midwest Bartending school is great!  The instructors are well experienced and I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family.  

Acoriana W.


Very Pleased

I am very pleased with this school they taught me a lot of things I never would have known without them I highly recommend you go here if you wanna bartend.

Ryan S.


The Staff Is Amazing

I loved it so much.  The staff is amazing.  I met a great group of poeple.  Stacey is a great teacher, she teaches the evening classes and I must say I got more from this class than bartending.  One of the best decisions I could have made.  

Ashley M.


I Had So Much Fun

I had so much fun in this class. The instructor kept the class intertained the entire time.  All questions were answered and or demonstrated.  All staff was very helpful and easy to get a long with.  I would absolutely reccomend this class!

Shana B.


Check Them Out

Great school and people.  Check them out!! Graduated today.

Breann T.


I Loved the Experience 

I loved the experience i really wish it was longer than two weeks beause it was exremely fun the instructors are amazing and make you feel welcomed mrs charmaine is the bomb so tell them you want her as your instuctor

Lala W.


One of the Best Decisions I Made

One of the best decision I made was attending here!

Bianca B.


Upbeat Atmosphere 

I had a wonderful experience at this school.  I throughly enjoyed the class and upbeat atmosphere.  I enrolled in a 2 week evening course and was impressed with knowledge and experience of Stacy, the instructor I had.  She was professional, yet very personable and really took the time to demonstrate and answer in questions we had about technique, appropriate serving and garnishing methods, customer service, being responsible bartenders and many other topics we covered during class time.  I am actually really excited to get out and start and try this new career.  I feel like this school has given me the confidence to go out and excel in this profession.  I would highly recommend Bartender School of the Midwest.  

Julie W.


Loved Coming Here 

I loved coming here for the two weeks.  Everyone was so nice and helpful.  A little pricey for me but I had fun and would recommend everyone try the class.  COMING TO A BAR NEAR YOU!!!!!!!!

Shawnika L.


Class is a Blast

Class is a blast, teachers are awesome.  If you actually oay attention and apply yourself the lessons and speed are a breeze.  Well worth the money.  

Ryan F.


Fun & Exciting

Glad I took the class.  It was fun & exciting to learn all the different drinks.  The people are very nice & fun to work with.  So if you want to make extra money.  This is the class to take.  

Jennifer K.


Highly Reccommended

Great school if you're interested in bartending!  Even if you are already a bartender you will learn a lot coming here.  Great opportunities for work after you go through the course.  Highly recommended.  Five stars

Logan H.


I Loved It

It's a lot more to bartering then I expected!  Kept my attention through the entire course which made the learning processes a "sea breeze"!  I loved it I'm sure you will too!!!

Anthony H.


Awesome Experience

I had an awesome experience, I loved the class!  The instructors are really nice, they like to have fun and joke around sometimes, but all in all an overall fun class!!!  I would definitely recommend my friends come here!

Jon F.



Great Experience

Going this was school was a great experience.  The teachers were great and class was never boring.  I have been able to meet some very interesting people while at the school and created a few friendships with some of my classmates while we learn this new skill of mixology.  If you have the chance take the class with Jamison.  He is a good dude and a great teacher.  Would deferentially tell my friends to take the classes.

Willie B.


Awesome School 

Such an awesome school!  The instructors were amazing.  Loved every minute of it!!!

Rachel M.


Loved Everything

Great Job!  Loved Everything about this school!!!!!!!

Robin B.


Both Fun and Challenging

I knew I wanted to be a bartender for a long time.  When I was told about this school I couldn't have been more thrilled!  The instructors have some amazing background experience and fun stories to share while also teaching everything you need to know.  Learning the drinks was both fun and challenging as you were pushed to excel from day one.  The students in my class specifically seemed to mesh well and bond throughout our time together.  I genuinely loved every second of my time at Midwest Bartenders School and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to become a successful, well educated bartender.  

Abbey A.


I Learned So Much

I learned so much more than I thought was involved in being a bartender.  

Anthony P.


I Loved It

It was a very good experience I loved it.

Lady V.


Awesome Career as a Bartender

My experience at Midwest Bartender School was amazing!!!  My instructor Stacey was extremely knowledgeable, she went above and beyond to make sure we passed every exam!  I highly suggest this school to anyone who wants an awesome career as a bartender!!!!

Donika C.


The Teachers Are Great

The teachers are great and will give you a lot of personal attention if you ask for it.  They also will help you catch up and do it in a little less than two weeks if you work hard. As long as you pay attention and study , they make it a learning experience no matter what you level of experience is coming in.  

Cynthia R.


Much More Than Mixing Drinks

I joined the Bartenders School of Midwest looking to learn some new skills to help me find more opportunities to work at the events that I enjoy. They taught me much more than mixing drinks. I gained so much more knowledge about serving, mixing, how to show flair to entertain, and how the bar industry works as a whole. I feel much more secure and prepared now to enter into the world of bartenders. Now I'm ready to perform, earn extra income, excel in my skills, and make friends.



Gained So Much Knowledge

Gained so much knowledge from attending classes. I would highly recommend!



Learned A Lot

Learned alot from entire staff. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to get into the business.



Actually Enjoyed Being in School

Absolutely recommended to anyone interested in becoming a bartender. I advise one to actually take the time and go through school, rather than just obtaining a license. All of the teachers are very nice and are always willing to help. They work with you hands on, and work with you to your style. I actually enjoyed being in school for once.



Everything You Need

Wonderful experience! Great teachers and a great learning environment. Job placement afterwards with everything you need to become a successful mixologist.



These Guys Are Great

These guys are great! They genuinely care for students and they love what they do! I consider Keith Lawrence and the other instructors to be one of the best and most knowledgeable bartenders in the Indianapolis area. We train with passion and you'll leave with the knowledge and confidence it takes to be a strong, professional bartender just as I did. I strongly recommend investing in yourself and going with Midwest Bartending School. After working the track, I made my enrollment fees back in one week.



Happy I Enrolled

I am so happy that I enrolled in Midwest Bartenders School. I have wanted to do this for years and finally made it happen. Richard is fantastic to work with, and all of the instructors are knowledgeable, patient and positive. I encourage anyone to give this a "shot". Also plenty of work in the Indy Area.



Awesome Place

Midwest is an awesome place to come if you're wanting to get your career in bartending started! Each instructor has his or her own way of teaching but you'll leave out with a lot of knowledge!



Taught Me Everything I Need to Know

Midwest taught me everything I need to know and more about liquor, pours, drink recipes, and bar etiquette. Stacey was a fantastical teacher, very willing to go the extra mile for any student who shows perseverance, and very down to earth. Other students and the other teachers were very helpful with anything as well. They even got me a gig the weekend I graduated. It is a small time commitment for a short stent but you will walk out the doors good to go. Ask any questions you need!




Total Satisfaction


Dear Richard:

As you know, I recently completed the two-week bartenders training course at Midwest. I wanted to write you a note outlining my total satisfaction with this program. Not only did the school meet my expectations, but it exceeded them in virtually every category.

The system employed in transferring knowledge to the student is both efficient and comprehensive. A considerable amount of information was transferred, and once transferred, retained. The hands-on training through instructor Kyle H. was both informative and frankly a lot of fun, too. The learning retention methods used were very unique as well as effective. You are to be congratulated on establishing a learning/ training system that accomplishes so much in a relatively short time frame.

I may have mentioned that I have several years experience in teaching at Purdue as well as a number of years as a corporate trainer. The Midwest system is outstanding.

Needless to say, I am looking forward to a full-time position in my new profession in the near future. I'm sure with the training provided me and the placement service offered by Midwest, it will not take long to achieve this.

Warmest regards,

Del S.

Fun Bartending Opportunities


Dear Richard and Midwest Students:

At the beginning of this year, I decided that I wanted to earn extra money as a bartender. However, my knowledge of alcohol and mixing drinks was limited, at best. I attended the Midwest Bartenders School to increase my knowledge and have a safe environment to practice my new skills.

Having graduated from Midwest in February, I have had many fun bartending opportunities. I have had the privilege to bartend at a variety of prestigious events, such as the Kentucky Derby, the Indianapolis 500 and Brickyard 400, the Governor's Dinner and the Marine's Black and White Ball and even represented the school at the Costco Warehouse Job Fair.

Midwest Bartenders School job placement program is fantastic! I was hired as a bartender at the Ritz Charles catering company in Carmel approximately one week after completing the bartending program. At the Ritz-Charles, I had the honor of being one of four bartenders chosen to bartend at the U.S. Open hosted in Chicago, Illinois. Currently, I am bartending at Buffalo Wild Wings in Castleton where I am able to work more steady hours and earn plenty of extra money while completing my Master's degree.

Though I have been bartending for less than one year, my knowledge of mixed drinks gained at MBS surpasses some of my coworkers who have been bartending for more than five years. The Midwest Bartenders School has been a great asset and provided me with a job that is anything but boring.


Heather M. R.

Outstanding Job


Dear Midwest Bartending School,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for teaching me the art of bartending. I gained knowledge at your school that has enabled me to feel confident in my newly acquired skill of bartending. As your school knows I have the disability of blindness and therefore your staff had to take a little more time with me to make sure I received the same education my fellow were getting in class. Thanks to my instructor's patience and the rest of the staff's help in reading me my tests and other information, I was able to obtain my certification with no problems.

The job placement department has done an outstanding job for me! The day after I graduated I had a bartending job at a wedding reception. The first job was only going to be temporary, but the manager said he appreciated my professionalism and positive attitude so he hired me on as a permanent member of his team. I am making $10.00 per hour and the tips are FANTASTIC!

I would recommend Midwest Bartenders School to anyone who is thinking of becoming a bartender or to anyone who is already bartending and wants to polish his or her art to perfection. The time and money I invested in my bartending education has been a valuable asset to me. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!


Renee W.

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